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Propane Uses

As a residential or commercial propane user, there are many ways in which we use propane every day. This clean fuel is a great energy option, affordable and increasing in popularity within new home developments. You can heat your entire house or use it for only portions of the home or outdoor pool and grill. There are several ways to enjoy the benefits of propane for your home or business.


Propane generators are the leading choice when purchasing a generator for your home or business as propane has an unlimited shelf life and is ready in the event of any emergency ready regardless of how long it has been since its last use. If you consider fuel and maintenance costs, environmental impact and the being able to keep the fuel for an unlimited time, propane generators are energy efficient and environmentally friendly burning clean fuel. Propane generators provide a safe and smart choice for your family and property.

Heat and A/C

Central air propane furnaces use a forced air blower to distribute heated air in the ducts throughout your home. They are available with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings as high as 97 percent which means these units can convert fuel into heat very efficiently. It is also quite common for them to have an electronic ignition that does away with the pilot light. The installation of these propane furnaces are also more flexible as they do not have to be installed near a pipeline like natural gas.

Pool Heat

A propane pool heater provides many benefits including keeping your pool consistently at your desired temperature. This also reduces any wasted energy and money from constant fluctuations in hot and cold temperatures. Propane heaters are also able to heat quicker than electric models due to the heat from the fire in the central combustion chamber. The heater's combustion chamber ignites the gas, heating the copper tubes above the burner tray. As the water passes through, the heat from these copper tubes is heats the water increasing the water temperature. It is a quick and simple process that is cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly.


There are several advantages to a propane fireplace including easy to install, manage and there is no wood being burned making it much cleaner and more affordable. If your home runs on propane, installing a propane fireplace is fast and simple. In the event of a storm and a lack of electricity, propane fireplaces are a reliable source of heat and light. These can also provide a very good place to entertain.


If you like to cook, you will love it even more with propane as it costs about 50% less than using electricity for cooking purposes. It responds and begins heating instantly versus electric elements. Pilotless ignitions on propane stoves that remove the need for the pilot light save a homeowner 40% in energy use. These gas appliances provide more even heat across the bottom of the pots and in the oven which means less burning of the food and happier guests. You can also continue to cook when weathering any storm or power outage.


Propane clothes dryers provide an efficient, convenient laundry solution drying clothes faster than other dryers and more efficiently. They are also equipped with many upgrades like moisture sensors, pilotless ignition, de-wrinkling, better lighting and timed drying cycles. A dryer is one of the most energy intensive appliances you have in your home with propane providing the lowest cost solution at about $100-$200/year to run. Propane dryers also save nearly a ton of CO2 in its lifetime.


Propane grills outsell charcoal grills across the country with about 80% of consumers choosing propane gas grills. They are easy to start, heat and hold a steady temperature. Food can taste better too without the taste of butane from starter fluid in a charcoal grill. They are also portable and can be moved around if needed.