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Lowest Propane Price in Connecticut!

Save up to 50% off CT Propane Rates
500 gallon tank and up is $1.97
Small tank is $2.52

Freedom Energy Group - Lowest Cost Propane in Connecticut!

At Freedom Energy Group we provide our members with the lowest cost propane throughout Southwestern Connecticut. Propane users in this geographic area can join today and save up to 50% off the average retail propane costs. We are membership based and focus on providing our members with fair and competitive rates on propane that will save you up to thousands of dollars/year.  Our pricing is based on Selkirk’s wholesale price (rack/spot) that all propane suppliers use. We then offer the lowest margin possible on top of the Selkirk rate. Rates can fluctuate daily or weekly.  Join today as a member and start enjoying significant savings on your propane costs!  As a member you will receive the best rates and customer service you need.  If you would like service in your area, just combine friends and family together totaling approximately 4000 gallons needed and give us a call at 844-427-7253.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Rent My Tank?

If you currently rent your tank, our propane provider will swap out your tank free of charge. You will want to make sure you only have approximately 25% remaining in the tank. You can check gauge located on your tank next to shut off valve.  You may need to wipe clear the top of the gauge to read the level.  The new supplier will then fill the new tank and continue to provide your propane supply as needed.

What If I Own My Tank?

If you own your tank, we can easily have our propane supplier begin delivering propane to you as soon as you need it. The supplier will monitor your propane usage and can either auto-fill your tank when it gets low or put you on will call basis to call when you need it.

Why Pay More for Propane, When Together We Can Pay Less?

We work with reputable propane suppliers to negotiate the best rates for our members!


I have been using Freedom Energy Group for the propane gas that heats my house, hot water and pool for 3 years. They always deliver on time and never a problem. What a simple way to save thousands of $$$ dollars.

Brian S. - Greenwich, CT

2910 Gallons / year

My builder told me about Freedom Energy Group. Since switching 2 years ago the only thing that has changed is my bill. I’m saving over a dollar a gallon from my old supplier. I’m so happy that I have told my friends and family about Freedom Energy Group and they have made the switch!

Ronald D. - Greenwich, CT

1400 gallons / year

My neighbor told me about Freedom Energy group a couple years ago. I was hesitant to switch because I had never heard of them before. But after watching my neighbor save money with no problems I decided to switch. Thanks Freedom Energy Group for the great service and most of all saving me money.

Dave R. - Westport, CT

2400 gallons / year

As a family of 4 we are always looking for ways to save money. When a friend told about Freedom Energy Group and how easy it was to save money on your gas bill I did a little research. Freedom Energy Group uses a local supplier for deliveries. By buying gas in bulk they are able get a much lower price and are able to pass the savings on.

Tracy M , Norwalk CT

1600 Gallons / year

When I first found out about Freedom Energy Group I was not sure it would work for me because I rent my tanks but I soon found out they would just swap out my old tanks and deliver new ones. It was so easy and we are saving money every month!

Claudia M. - Westport, CT

1900 gallons / year

Joseph, I talked to you on the phone about a week ago and I just joined Freedom Energy.

I want to thank you for putting together a seamless switchover for me to your company Freedom Energy. They filled my underground tank last week and at $1.75 a gal. WOW I had quotes of $3.65 a gal. as all my pre buy gallons were gone do to the cold winter we were having. That one fill up paid for my membership and allowed me to put the extra money into my kids College fund. Thanks again


Jeff B. – Brookfield