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Member Benefits

As a member of Freedom Energy Group, you will benefit from discounted propane rates that are significantly lower than average retail prices throughout Connecticut. In addition, we work with the most reputable suppliers delivering exceptional customer service to Freedom Energy Group members. As a group, we increase our buying power and are able to enjoy much lower rates. Remember, the more propane you use, the more you will save. Join Today!


Lowest retail propane price in Connecticut

Our propane supplier provides the lowest rate available on propane to our group members in Connecticut. These rates are generally around 50% off of the average Connecticut retail propane rates. The rates we are able to offer will fluctuate based on the market and season but will always be significantly lower than the average retail rates.


Save up to thousands per year

Whether you are a whole home propane user or a smaller tank customer, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year! Propane prices in Connecticut can be very high and when using propane for all or part of your home energy needs, price is very important. As a group member, you can save a great deal off of many retail providers rates.


Excellent customer service

We work with only highly reputable propane suppliers so that you are in good hands with your tank installation, delivery and any customer service needs you have.


No pre-buy

You simply pay as you go for the propane delivered to your home or office. We do not require that you pay up front for all or part of your supply for the year.


Easy tank removal and installation

Your new propane supplier will uninstall your old tank and install a new one for you to use. You will just need to call your previous propane supplier to come and pick up their tank which is no longer in use.


No cancellation fee

If for any reason, you decide to move or switch to another propane supplier, there is no cancellation fee on your contract. You can simply decide to work with a new supplier at any time.

We provide our members with many great benefits and look forward to having you join our valued members here at Freedom Energy Group. Start saving on your propane today!