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About Us

About Freedom Energy Group

Freedom Energy Group provides low cost propane to our members who are homeowners and businesses throughout Connecticut. We negotiate discounted propane rates well below the average rates in Connecticut so we can help our members save hundreds to thousands of dollars/year as a member of Freedom Energy Group. When we come together to buy in greater quantity, we have increased buying power which helps our members save significantly off of retail propane rates in Connecticut.

Our pricing is based on Selkirk’s wholesale price (rack/spot) that all propane suppliers use as well. We then offer the lowest margin possible on top of that rate.  Rates can fluctuate daily or weekly.  Join today as a member and start enjoying significant savings on your propane costs!

New members will be contacted by our partner supplier in the geographic area you are located in and will be contacted by the supplier directly to coordinate all propane tank and supply needs.  



Our continued support from members allows us to provide charitable contributions to local and environmental organizations.