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Propane Facts

Fast Facts About Propane and Freedom Energy Group

  • Propane is one of the cleanest energy source and is an approved clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act. When deciding to use propane instead of other fuels, it helps create cleaner air and reduces the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and air pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.
  • Propane tanks can be filled to only 80% since it can expand in the warmer months.
  • Propane is American and employs about 150,000 workers across the U.S. in various aspects including propane trade, wholesale and sales.
  • America is the leading producer of propane. In America, we produce more than enough propane to meet our growing demand. As the leading producer of propane in the world, we have complete independence from other fuel supplying countries when it comes to utilizing this energy source. The abundant supply is also a result of the increase in natural gas production.
  • Propane rates are typically the lowest in June, July and August
  • Propane is one of the most affordable energy sources and with domestic propane production expected to continue to grow rapidly, there will continue to be a downward pressure on average propane prices relative to oil prices.
  • Propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a gas that is typically compressed and stored as a liquid.
  • Propane is a highly safe fuel to use in homes and businesses! It’s a non-toxic gas and therefore will not contaminate soil or groundwater supplies.
  • Over 48 million homes and businesses use propane for water and space heating across America.
  • Propane furnaces create a warmer heat than their electric heat pump counterparts. They also last, on average, 20 years while electric heat pumps last an average of 12 years.
  • Propane is better for the environment. It is portable and can be supplied anywhere. It is distributed through 56,000 miles of pipeline to nearly 6,000 retail dealers nationwide.
  • Propane is one of the lightest, simplest hydrocarbons in existence, and, therefore one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. It is even so clean that it is not considered a greenhouse gas.
  • In a liquid form, propane is half the weight of water.
  • Nearly 90 percent of the U.S. propane supply is produced domestically; almost three-quarters of the remaining 10 percent are produced in Canada or Mexico.
  • In order to detect any leaks an odorant is added since Propane is an odorless gas.
  • Propane clothes dryers dry more quickly and with less static created than electric units, saving you time and money and reducing wear and tear on your clothing.
  • Propane tankless water heaters can achieve even greater efficiency of up to 98 percent.
  • What is a fuel buying group? A buying group or co-op is a collective of people, whether residential or businesses, who come together for combined purchasing power and receive discounts on products or services. Freedom Energy Group is focused providing lower costs on propane to members of the group.
  • Why should I join? As a member of Freedom Energy Group, you will be able to receive lower, discounted rates that are typically anywhere from 40-60% off the average retail propane rate in Connecticut. This can result in significant savings to you as a homeowner or business owner in Connecticut. Together, we can build our buying power to continue to offer the lowest rates available.